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SLO Eating Disorders: A Different Way of Being

Imagine what your life could be like if you felt whole and grounded in your body. Imagine if instead of being a source of disconnection and disease, your body was a source of wisdom, strength and guidance. Imagine if your body was a place where you felt safe, connected, most at home.

At SLO Eating Disorders, we believe a different way of being is possible. We’ve experienced it ourselves and seen it in our clients. Drawing on our expertise in the treatment of eating disorders and extensive experience with recovery, and mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, and intuitive eating, we work with you to develop healthy alternatives to the symptoms of disordered eating.

By building positive relationships with food, your body and self, SLO Eating Disorders helps you get your life back and find peace of mind. Then, it’s up to you.

Go through our site to find out more about recovery from eating disorders and contact us to make an appointment.

Mindfulness of the body allows us
to live fully.

It brings healing, wisdom,
and freedom.

TichNat Han